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Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition is one of the major cornerstones to keeping your dog or cat. Did you know that estimates indicate approximately half of all pets in the United States are considered overweight or obese? Pets that are overweight face many of the same medical problems faced by people who overeat. Diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease and arthritis can all strike overweight people as well as pets.

Whether your pet has special dietary needs or simply needs to shed a few pounds, our nutritional counseling can help you accomplish your goals and keep your pet healthy.

It can be easy for a pet owner to become overwhelmed by the available selection of pet foods, all of which claim to have specific benefits for pets. We can offer expert advice to help you negotiate the complicated array of choices. Let our nutritional counseling service help you achieve and maintain optimal nutrition for your pet.

Our doctors and staff have years of experience of determining the proper diet and portions for pets. Schedule an appointment with us at The Animal Clinic and have your pet evaluated today!